Maruskiya's of Nome Alaska Native Art   Maruskiya's of Nome Alaska Native Art
Maruskiya's of Nome Alaska Native Art

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St. Lawrence Island


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Baleen Ulu
Bear With Fish
Bent Bowhead
Big Bull
Bird Attack
Bone Musk Ox (Large)
Bone Musk Ox (Small)
Bowhead On Bone
Bowhead On Head
Bright Eyed Seal
Bull On Ice
Calling Bear
Cheekbone Mask
Classic Bowhead
Conjoined Eagles
Cow With Calf
Dark Bone Otter
Demon Mask Vertebrae
Diving Seal
Diving Walrus
Diving Walrus with Walrus Hunter Spirit Face
Elongated Walrus
Embracing Whales
Entwined Seals with Whale Flukes
Faces Totem
Floating Bowhead
Flock of Emperor Geese
Flying Swan
Full Tusk Carved Scene
Grizzly with Fish (Large)
Grizzly with Fish (Small)
Humpback Whale
Hunter Drags Seal
Hunter's Catch
Iceberg Walrus
Ivory Bowhead Whale
Ivory Humpback
Ivory Owl
Ivory Puffin
Ivory Rose
Ivory Turtle
Jawbone Mask With Ivory
Jawbone Walrus
Killer Couple
Large Snowy Owl
Large Stipled Owl
Large Stretched Walrus
Leaning Walrus
Leaping Whale
Letter Opener, Bowhead
Long Necked Polar Bear
Male Walrus
Medium Stipled Owl
Mother Baby Humpbacks
Mother Walrus
Mother Walrus and Child
Narwhal On Eardrum
Narwhal With Baleen Inlay
Nurturing Mother
Old Ivory Beluga
Old Ivory Bowhead
Old Ivory Walrus Mother/Baby
On Thin Ice
Polar Bear Cave
Polar Man Mask
Puffin On Land
Reclining Walrus
Recumbent Walrus
Relaxed Walrus
Relief Carving
Seal Letter Opener
Seal Shaman
Seal Shaman With Trident
Sitting Swan
Small Seal
Snow Goggles
Snowy Owl
Spotted Seal On Base
Standing Bear
Standing Otter
Standing Otter
Standing Otter
Still Polar Bear
Streamline Seal
Stretched Walrus
Swimming Bowhead and Beluga Whales
Swimming Humpback Whale
Swimming Right Whale
Swimming Seal
Swimming Walrus
Swimming Walrus
Swimming Walrus
Swimming Walrus
Swimming Whale with Scrimshaw
Swimmng Walrus with Spirit Face
Tall Walrus
Tall Walrus
Textured Walrus
Twisted Bowhead
Two Walrus Hunter
Walking Bear
Walking Polar Bear
Walrus Hunter Scrimshaw Scene
Walrus on Base
Walrus On Ice FLow
Walrus Shaman
Walrus Underwater Scene
Walrus, Whale and Seal Relief
Warus Dance
Whale Relief Carving
Whale Transformation
Whale Witch
Woman Scraping Seal Skin On Rack
Woman Transition Totem
X-Large Stipled Owl



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